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Data de inscrição : 07/05/2008
Localização : Algures

GraveeeeEe Empty
MensagemAssunto: GraveeeeEe   GraveeeeEe Icon_minitimeQua Maio 07, 2008 10:13 pm

According to an article on PC World: “The software vendor is giving law enforcers access to a special tool that keeps tabs on botnets, using data compiled from the 450 million computer users who have installed the Malicious Software Removal tool that ships with Windows.”

Not a big deal until you keep reading: “Although Microsoft is reluctant to give out details on its botnet buster — the company said that even revealing its name could give cyber criminals a clue on how

From what I hear there is another back door as well that ships with Microsoft Vista that has been put there solely for the CIA. Apparently the CIA forced Microsoft to put one there for them in their next O/S after 911 happened.
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